“The New Testament is in the Old concealed; the Old is by the New revealed”

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The Old Testament came alive to me when I realized that the Old Testament prophecies are revealed by the New Testament. Matthew especially points out specific Old Testament prophecies and how they are fulfilled by Christ.

The book of Psalms is a collection of poems used as a hymnbook for the Hebrew people. The psalms often have double meaning–they tell the author’s experiences while relating a prophecy of which the writer may be unaware, showing the divine inspiration.

St. Augustine, who lived 354 to 430 AD, says “The New Testament is in the Old concealed; the Old is by the New revealed.” The following are some messianic prophecies found in the Psalms. I included these in my book, Sacred Strands, the Story of a Redeemer Woven Through History. This list comes from the book Finding Jesus in the Old Testament by David Limbaugh.

  • Psalm 22:1: God would forsake Him. (Matthew 27:46)
  • Psalm 22:7-8: He would be mocked. (Luke 23:35-39)
  • Psalm 22:16: His hands and feet would be pierced. (John 20:25-27)
  • Psalm 22:18: They would cast lots for His clothes. (Matthew 27:35-36)
  • Psalm 34:20: None of His bones would be broken. (John 19:32-33)
  • Psalm 35:19: He would be hated without cause. (John 15:25)
  • Psalm 40:7-8: He would come to do God’s will. (Hebrews 10:7)
  • Psalm 41:9: He would be betrayed by a friend. (Luke 22:47)
  • Psalm 45:6: His throne would be forever. (Hebrew 1:8)
  • Psalm 110:4: He would be a priest forever, according to the order of Melchizedek. (Hebrews 7:17)

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