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I hit a new milestone. For the past five years I have been blogging either weekly or biweekly. In the course of those five years I wrote five books: Sacred Sky, Sacred Strands, Searching for the Sacred, and Ancient History at a Glance.  During these years I tended to blog about things I was writing in my books, so my blogging kind of showcased my books.

This new book is called, This and That, Reflections from 5 years of blogging.

Chapter 1 is about my book Sacred  Sky and How to Locate 24 Constellations. It is a primer (or instruction book) for locating constellations in the sky. The worksheets I include are very helpful. Learn to identify 24 of the most familiar constellations.

Chapter 2 is about my book Sacred Strands, the Story of a Redeemer Woven Through History and tells about my research into the origins of the story of the seed of the woman and the conqueror of the serpent; a story which permeates history throughout the centuries, in the myths and mysteries but also in the Bible. No, Christianity did not copy off the myths. The knowledge of a Redeemer came long before the myths embellished the story.

Chapter 3 is about my book Searching for the Sacred, My Life on a Homestead. This book is my memoir, the story of my life on a homestead and my love of plants and animals.

Chapter 4 is about my book Ancient History, How the Bible Connects History. My grandkids helped to illustrated this book. We find much Biblical history which interweaves with modern history obtained from a variety of sources.

If you are interested in obtaining this memorial of my blogging and my books, you can purchase This and That, Reflections from 5 Years of Blogging on Amazon. My granddaughter, Clara Mohler, designed the cover.


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