Sacred Strands


Christianity did not begin in Bethlehem. Likewise, the promise of a Redeemer was not written only in the book of Genesis, but also in the early constellations and ancient myths, among artifacts and early worship practices. Sacred Strands¬†flips the script on today’s secular narrative. Christianity did not borrow from ancient myths, but rather, these myths and mysteries all pointed to the sacred promise that would be fully revealed in Jesus Christ.

Here’s What You Will Learn About:
Chapter 1 The Beginning of the Sacred Promise
Chapter 2 Sumer and the Epic of Gilgamesh
Chapter 3 Akkad, Ur, and Abraham
Chapter 4 Ancient Egypt and the Myth of Osiris
Chapter 5 India and the Avatar Krishna
Chapter 6 Ancient Israel and the Prophets
Chapter 7 Greece and the Hero-gods Perseus, Asclepius, and Orion
Chapter 8 Rome, Hercules, and the Mithraic Mysteries
Chapter 9 Persia, Balaam’s Sacrifice, and the Magi
Chapter 10 China, the Astronomers, and the Altar of Heaven
Chapter 11 The Norse People and the Myth of Thor
Chapter 12 The Aztecs and the God Quetzalcoatl
Chapter 13 The Resurrection of Jesus Christ and the Shroud of Turin