Sacred Strands

Glimpses of Christ Throughout History

Pagan Myth or Sacred Truth?

Lois Clymer explores this and more, in Sacred Strands.

Learn how the sacred promise of a Redeemer was known to ancient people, well before the first century.

What People Are Saying

“Sacred Strands is akin to studying the fine details of a beautiful tapestry. Lois Clymer shows how the many strands of history, science, astronomy, and more, are interconnected with the biblical account of redemption. Each strand, in its own way, points to the masterful design and handiwork of the master weaver. This book is both an easy read and also one that will fill the reader with wonder and whet the appetite for further study.”

Brett R Miller, PA State Representative, 41st District

“In an age when we reject traditions and the wisdom of the ages, Lois Clymer reminds us that great truths — indeed even a nugget of the greatest truth — were passed down and confirmed through many ancient traditions. The rediscovery of these ancient truths preserved through millennia inspires the imagination and reignites our wonder for our God.”  

Randall L Wenger, Chief Counsel for Pennsylvania Family Institute

“While God often hides His footprints (Psalm 77:19), His fingerprints are found all over the universe and throughout human history. Lois Clymer has wonderfully traced God’s fingerprints, all of which demonstrate and lead to His great act of redemption at the cross. This work will expand every reader’s ability to bear a greater witness to the world about us that remains blind to God’s fingerprints. Sacred Strands enlarges both our knowledge and faith.”

Dr. Ron Susek, President of Susek Evangelistic Association

Journey into History

Enjoy a peek into ancient history and muse at mysteries from early civilizations like Sumer and Akkad.

Each chapter of Sacred Strands explores a different myth or story and looks at how these contain a knowledge (though imperfect) of a Redeemer known from the earliest ages. 

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