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Meet Lois

Watch her selling shares for her beautiful vegetable garden, wielding an air hammer as she builds a tiny house, or pointing out Orion’s dogs to her grandson on a clear, moonless evening. Lois Clymer has many interests, and a lifetime of curiosity and reading has given her knowledge on many topics. With degrees in nursing and accounting, Lois managed a personal care home, but is now retired. In her retirement she has time to read, to study, to garden, and to enjoy her grandchildren.

Finding Contentment

Guided by the Ten Commandments

We would all like to be happy and content. Unfortunately, we are plagued by negative emotions such as anger, bitterness, envy, and fear. In this book, Lois Clymer sets up the framework of the ten commandments as a God-given guide for a successful life.

How do you be content? First of all, get rid of negative emotions, and then “practice happiness.” Make happiness a habit. Find useful work and hobbies. Lois intersperses many scenes from her childhood with her lessons.

Finding Contentment book cover

This and That

Reflections From Five Years of Blogging

This and That book cover

In the course of five years, Lois Clymer wrote four books: Sacred Sky, Sacred Strands, Searching for the Sacred, and Ancient History at a Glance.

During this time she was writing a weekly or biweekly blog; the entries captured the essence of what she was writing in the books. This and That is a compilation of those blog posts.

Ancient History at a Glance

How the Bible Connects History

Where do we find written history? One way we discover what happened in the past is through ancient historians such as Herodotus, sometimes called the father of history, and many others who lived after him. History before that time, however, can be difficult to find.

In this book, Lois created a timeline of written history, using the genealogy of Jesus Christ found in the Bible. We have relatively little information regarding the first 1500 years or so after creation, but after that, written history picks up, both with the history found in the Bible and with secular history. We find powerful rulers who formed empires, such as Sargon, who united the city states of Akkad and Sumer, possibly forming the first empire. Next came the short-lived Babylonian Empire of King Hammurabi, and then the Assyrian empire, which was followed by the Second Babylonian Empire. After the fall of this empire, the Persians in the East built their empire, and later, Alexander the Great from Macedonia, north of Greece, built a huge empire. Finally, as the BC era comes to an end, the Romans continue to extend their vast and long-lasting empire.

Ancient History at a Glance book cover
Adam and Eve Illustration

This book, Ancient History at a Glance: How the Bible Connects History, pulls together a timeline, highlighting some of the important and fascinating moments in ancient history up until the time of Christ. We find much biblical history that interweaves with our modern history books, which obtain information from a variety of sources.

Lois’s grandkids helped to illustrate this book. You will love the colorful drawings and photos. This panorama will give you a glimpse of our ancient past.

Animals Illustration

Sacred Sky

And How to Locate 24 Constellations

Disturbed by the current trend in America to question the truth claims of Christianity, Lois studied books on Christian apologetics (why Christianity is true) and also read books by opponents of Christianity, some of whom wrote that Christianity was copied from pagan myths. She particularly wondered about the pagan myths. The apologetic books Lois read did little to address this question. Eventually, Lois found an answer to this charge and wanted to share it with others. She decided to write a book and wanted it to be on a level that her grandchildren could understand and find interesting. After much research and many attempts, Lois published Sacred Sky and How to Locate 24 Constellations. This short, colorful book merely introduces the topic of Christianity’s history and truth claims. The majority of the book guides the reader in locating constellations. It is a thrill to be able to identify constellations.

“…Sacred Sky offers older children (and sky-loving adults) the opportunity to study the sky, learn a bit of history, and see how, even from ancient times, people from all over the world have seen the stars as telling about a divine human who comes to save the world…This book will be useful in a home learning library. Homeschoolers will find this book to be an excellent addition to any study of the sky, stars, and planets. It could also be an interesting study for an older Sunday Church School class, perhaps in a series of “creation appreciation” lessons or just for something different from the usual lesson…”

Kristina Wenger

Searching for the Sacred

My Life on a Homestead

This time Lois writes about her life. Her Memoir is called Searching for the Sacred: My Life on a Homestead, and highlights many facets of her creative, charming life on the homesteads she and her husband built while raising animals, kids, and grandkids. Lois includes inspirational ideas and “gems of wisdom” which have impacted her life. Also learn the questions Lois asked which led her to research and write on the ideas found in her other two books, Sacred Sky and Sacred Strands, that of the Bible truths which can be found in ancient myths and have flowed from the beginning of history.

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