The Symbol of Stepping on the Head of the Serpent

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Symbols! We are fascinated by symbols. What do they mean? Where did they originate? Look at this statue of Lady Justice which someone gave my husband. It makes sense that she would be holding a scales. But why is she stepping on the head of a snake?

We find many ancient statues in ancient countries like India which show someone defeating or stepping on the head of a snake? What does it symbolize?

As I mentioned in chapter 5 of my book, Sacred Strands, the Story of a Redeemer Woven Through History, two sculptures of Krishna exist in one of the oldest pagodas in India. One sculpture shows Krishna trampling the crushed head of a serpent while the other shows a poisonous reptile encircling him and biting his heel.

We look back at the beginning of Genesis to a snake represented as an evil one, tempting Eve to do wrong. Then we have the curse given by God to the snake and also a curse of death to Adam and Eve. But a deliverer is promised in Genesis 3:15 and the symbolism is that of the Redeemer bruising the head of the serpent but being bruised in the heel by the serpent.

As these symbols flow down through history men try to understand the prophecy. But prophecy can not be fully understood until it happens. Jesus Christ defeated Satan (represented by the serpent) by dying on the cross. His heel is literally bruised because in crucifixion the weight of the whole body is on the heel. Jesus Christ, resurrected on the third day, reverses the curse of death for mankind.

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