“I couldn’t find anything but the Big Dipper and Orion”

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A friend of mine was star gazing the other day and she told me she couldn’t find anything but the Big Dipper and Orion. “You need to help me,” she said.

Well, here’s some help. First of all, you are farther along than you think! I like to say that each of the 4 seasons has a “landmark constellation,” and when you find it, you use it to find other constellations nearby. It so happens that Orion is the “landmark constellation” for the winter evening sky and the Big Dipper for the spring evening sky.

Having found Orion, look for the winter triangle–three very bright stars, one of which is in the right shoulder of Orion. The other two stars of the triangle mark the Little Dog and the Big Dog.

I created a set of worksheets called “Sacred Sky Worksheets.” They go with my book¬† Sacred Sky and how to locate 24 Constellations.”¬† I put the worksheets and a short tutorial on my website. You can access it here. Then scroll down to the buttons–Sacred Sky Worksheets and Learn More About the Stars.

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