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My husband and I went on a ten day tour in Egypt. Egypt has more artifacts from ancient history than any other place on earth. It certainly appears that Egypt was a location for the earliest civilizations. We looked at the pyramids, the valley of the Kings (tombs), the ruins of many ancient temples, two museums, and much more. We saw King Tut’s mummy, located in the tomb it was found in, and we also saw about two dozen other mummies in one of the museums.

Several things seemed to me to validate the historical time line found in the Bible, which I have written about in my book, Ancient History at a Glance, How the Bible Connects History. My earlier book, Sacred Strands, The Story of a Redeemer Woven Through History, included some early Egyptian history, especially the chapter on “Ancient History and the Myth of Osiris.”

It is difficult to place dates on ancient events and scholars have long debated early Egyptian history. But to see the early Egyptian artifacts and monuments dated to fit with Biblical history (give or take a few hundred years) is gratifying to me. Egyptian history is divided into Old Kingdom, Middle Kingdom, and New Kingdom. Much of the Old Kingdom may be legendary with few artifacts.

Another interesting thing I found was the names of pharaohs who are mentioned in the Bible. The Old Testament of the Bible mentions “Egypt” 740 times. The names of some pharaohs are not mentioned, but others are named. Bible scholars like to speculate who the pharaoh was during the exodus of the Israelites from Egypt and a few of the scientists from Creation Ministries International, who generated this tour, had some fascinating ideas.

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