Do you want to be Rebellious?

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Recently I was with a group of people and during a discussion, one guy said “I am not rebellious.” As far as I know, this guy was not a churchgoer and I mused over his statement.

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I have felt that I am not rebellious also. I wonder sometimes if I simply can’t see any rebellious nature that I have. I know I can be very stubborn–hopefully not rebellious. Where is the line between rebellion and stubbornness?

I do not want to be rebellious. The Bible says “Rebellion is as sinful as witchcraft, and stubbornness as bad as worshipping idols…”I Sam. 15:23. Witchcraft is defined as the practice of black magic; the use of spells and the invocation of spirits.

It seems to me that rebellion and witchcraft are purposely turning away from God. That is the last thing we should want to do. Our intent should always be to give honor and praise to God, our creator. That is our first duty. It is the first commandment–having no other “Gods”. We need to be worshipping God–giving praise and honor to God.

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