What can our Pets Teach Us?

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Sometimes animals bring out the best in us. We love them; they love us back. They do not seem capable of malice, anger, and bitterness which often afflict us. Look at the sweet face of this ferret, a pet of my grandsons.

How can we rid ourselves of those negative emotions we find in ourselves, which don’t exist in our pets. Negative emotions harm us–we need to strive to be more loving like our pets.

Dr. Amen of the Amen Clinics has an interesting way to do this. He talks about ANTS and ridding ourselves of these obnoxious little pests which can totally derail our happiness.

What are ANTS? They are Automatic Negative Thoughts, such as fear, bitterness, anger, and anxiety. How to get rid of them? Watch for them and when they pop up in your brain, immediately squash them by replacing with a positive thought–love, peace, beauty, contentment. Strive to do this and you will become a better, more complete person.

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