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Are you a skeptic? Do you like to see with your own eyes before accepting information? In the Bible we are told that Thomas could not believe in Christ’s resurrection until he actually witnessed the presence of Jesus Christ and could see the nail marks in his hands.

We are bombarded constantly by differing opinions. Christianity has taken a real hit in the last century or two as skeptics have written against the truth claims of Christianity.

When my children grew up and went to college, they were exposed to the skeptics who spoke against Christianity. I looked at what they were saying and I found that one of the ideas of the skeptics was that Christianity was simply a copy off of ancient myths.

I wondered about that and found my own faith shaken a bit. One day I was reading an old book and came across an answer to this charge. I was mesmerized and amazed! Those old myths contained imagery revealed by God to ancient men of a promised Redeemer as we read in Genesis. We can follow this imagery all through history, as people group after people group searched and waited for the promised redeemer (messiah).

So the script is flipped. Instead of Christianity borrowing from the myths, Jesus Christ’s coming is in one sense a fulfillment of these myths. The messiah was long awaited and many people added to and confused the message. The myths and mysteries all pointed to the sacred promise which would be fully revealed in the person of Jesus Christ.

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