How do you handle “not knowing”?

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There are so many things that we can know. Knowledge seems endless, especially with it right at our fingertips via google.

But there are many things we can’t know and even many things we think we know that are wrong. Do we understand what has happened in history? Many times historians have differing ideas. Do we know what our lives will look like in 10 years? Can we understand God?

I sometimes look at my cat and my daughter’s dog and wonder what they understand about us. Did you ever try to put yourself in the mind of your pet and wonder what he/she thinks about us and our activities?

There are some things we can know about God and there are some things we can’t know. Basically we know what God has told us – what he has revealed to us through the Bible. But there is much we cannot know. How did God create such beauty which we see all around us? Why did God allow Jesus Christ to die on the cross for our sins? What is heaven like?

Just as our pet trusts us and doesn’t worry about what we are doing, can we trust in a faithful God who loves us? Can we push aside all of our unknowns and simply have faith? That can be a very powerful and peaceful thing. We should also have humility regarding what we think we do know.

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