What is your concept of Ancient Man?

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Were ancient people a bunch of godless, idol worshipping, evil folk? Or did they have morals and some understanding of a creator God/gods who should be worshipped?

As I mentioned in my book, Sacred Strands, the Story of a Redeemer Woven Through History, a prominent Assyriologist (one who studied ancient Mesopotamia) named Wolfram von Soden, pointed out that Babylonian prayers to their deities revealed thoughts closely related to the Biblical psalms, especially regarding the relationship of people to their deity.

Perhaps the extremely ancient religious heritage of these people came from the same religious heritage of the first men recorded in the Bible.

Also in my book I note a cuneiform tablet dated to 2200 BC with some advice from a father to his son encouraging  him to live with integrity. The father tells his son to worship his god every day, to return with kindness the one who does evil to him, not to covet, and to speak only good.

Were God’s laws known to ancient man? We don’t know in what ways God spoke to ancient man, but it appears he did. And I can imagine that, just as today, some people listened and some didn’t.

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