I Love my Winter Garden

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Last fall I planted 18 baby kale plants in August, which matured by the end of October and I planned to pick it all winter. I said I would report back to you. My kale, which I have been picking since November, is still looking perk and healthy. Sometimes I have to scrape away snow to get to it.

At this time of year I am looking over the seed packets left over from last season and making a list of seeds I need to buy. I plan to start my tomato and broccoli seeds around the beginning of March.

My new garden guide plan worked well for me. Keeping schedules helps with the planning process each year. Gardening is a wonderful hobby. If you haven’t tried it, start this year with one or two plants and each year you have the opportunity to start over, learning from your mistakes and successes. You can access and print a copy of my planting guide.

Lois Clymer’s Sample Planning Guide

I have written several books. One is Sacred Strands, The Story of a Redeemer Woven Through History.  I also have a Memoir called Searching for the Sacred, My Life on a Homestead.  You can access them at my website  here.


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