Is Christianity’s Story For Real?

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The Bible tells a story–a story about mankind and how we got lost and who came to save us. The Bible tells us right from the beginning in Genesis that God made man; man sinned and rejected God: and God planned to send a “Redeemer” to reverse the curse that man brought onto himself–that of death.

In the Old Testament we find God preparing a people through whom the Redeemer would come. The New Testament tells us the story of Christ, the Redeemer coming to earth.

Here are three reasons why I believe Christianity’s story is for real and the Bible is not simply a book of philosophy.

Number 1 is that we have clear predictions in ancient history of the coming Redeemer (even specifying the small town he would be born in). We can even look with our eyes at several groups of stars, showing us Genesis 3:15 in picture form–“the seed of the woman who would bruise the head of the serpent but be bruised in the heel.” (See my book Sacred Strands, the Story of a Redeemer Woven Through History  here.)

Number 2 we see the Redeemer actually coming to earth as a man–Jesus Christ! We have all the witnesses as reported in the Gospels. What could be more “real” than that?

Number 3 is for the doubters among us. We have the burial cloth of Jesus Christ showing us in picture form that Christ really did rise from the dead. A marking on the cloth shows his bodily form. It is a supernatural radiation on the cloth (only marking the topmost fibers, just .2 micrometer thick)–an image “not made by hands” as the early church called it. And Jesus told his followers that all who believed in him would have life eternal.


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