Ancient Men Wrote a Message in the Sky

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Ancient men wrote a message in the sky via the constellations. The message came from God as seen in Genesis 3:15.

The constellations originate as early as 3000 bc. In these very ancient times, men copied onto the stars (forming constellations) the idea of Genesis 3:15, that of a woman born conqueror of the evil one, who would bruise the head of the evil one but be bruised in the heel. We can find this message because the symbolism in Genesis 3:15 is very explicit.

This message reverberated through the centuries, seen in many old myths and mysteries, as men tried to understand it. When Christ came, the message could now be fully understood.

One of the constellations which shows this message is Orion, called “The Glorious One.” On the planisphere he is shown as stepping on Lepus, called the enemy. The old Persian planisphere shows a picture of a serpent instead of a rabbit. Two other constellations, Hercules and The Serpent Holder, also show this message, the message of a Redeemer who would bruise the head of the serpent but be bruised in the heel.

Orion is one of the most spectacular of all the constellations. He is also one of the most familiar. There are more first and second magnitude stars in the area of Orion than in any other area of the sky.

Orion is best seen in the winter evening sky, but if you go outside now, late in the evening you can find him. What a glorious sight he is. Look for the three stars which are his belt. Then look for two bright stars, one for each shoulder and two more stars for his legs. From his belt hangs a sword and you can see a fuzzy spot at the bottom of the sword which is known as the Orion Nebula.

Happy stargazing!

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