How Great is Your God?

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The world in which we live is marvelous. Do we praise God for it? I think we should.

Think of the monarch butterfly which can migrate as far as 3000 miles. Or the dance of the honeybee which tells the other bees where nectar has been found.

We marvel at the penguins which hold their egg on their feet to keep it warm in artic weather. We adore little puppies and cuddle cute kittens. We relish sunsets, rainbows, and the Northern Lights.

Could God in the beginning have created a full grown man? Could he have made a full grown tree? What about a full grown universe with light on its way?

Our minds tend to limit God. We think in terms of making a star which then begins to shed light. We can’t fully comprehend God. Is God outside of time? How can we understand that?

Let’s give God the reverence and honor He deserves. Let’s praise Him for His marvelous creation. Thanksgiving should be in our hearts everyday.


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