Did Jesus Christ leave his burial garment behind in the tomb as a witness for us?

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Did Jesus Christ leave his burial garment behind in the tomb as a witness for us, and as a modern day miracle for us? The reason it is a modern day miracle is because we now have the technology to thoroughly examine the shroud and the results are astounding.

The image on the Shroud has fascinated mankind. Images don’t just appear on burial garments. Did the resurrection leave the image? Today scientists have examined the cloth with direct microscopy, infrared spectrometry, x-ray fluorescence spectrometry,  thermography, ultraviolet fluorescence, and other high tech equipment. See www.shroudofturin.com for more information.

It may be hard for us today to realize the extreme torture Jesus Christ went through  both before and during the time on the cross.

Dr. Pierre Barbet examined the shroud carefully and then wrote the book A Doctor at Calvary. He points out that the face appears to have been beaten, bruised, and cut and the nose fractured. The right side of the face is deformed as if there were hematomas beneath the skin. The crown of thorns was placed on his hair like a cap, covering his head. One can see flows of blood covering the head.

In Matthew 26:67 we are told “they spit in his face and struck him with their fists”. Later in Matthew 27:29-30 we read that they twisted together a crown of thorns and set it on his head and took a staff and struck him on the head again and again.

Do we recognize and appreciated what he did for us? The Shroud is a potent reminder to us today.

I have a chapter on the Shroud in my book. You can purchase a copy of the book, Sacred Strands, the Story of a Redeemer Woven Through History here.

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