The Shroud of Turin – A Miracle for our Time

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One Sunday in August, 2015, I heard from our pastor some history on the burial garment of Jesus Christ which amazed me and started me on a journey, researching if it could possibly be true. The question I wanted an answer to was this: Is the Shroud of Turin the burial garment of Jesus Christ?

As I read book after book I learned that many scientific and historical proofs show it to be authentic. The mountainous amount of data and research give proof after proof. The big question regarding the Shroud of Turin is—what formed the image on the cloth? Some researchers are now hypothesizing that when Jesus was resurrected, some type of photon radiation may have caused the image.

Interest and research continue. People from all over the world met at Redeemer University College near Toronto, Canada in August of 2019 for an International Conference on the Shroud of Turin.

The Shroud of Turin appears to me to be a miracle for our time. When Jesus was on earth, he performed many miracles as recorded in the gospels. When he was resurrected, he left behind evidence for those coming after. Many people in many centuries have been awed by the Shroud, but in the past century we have developed several kinds of technology which allow us to appreciate more fully the truths embedded in this fabric. For me, as for many others, the Shroud of Turin increases my faith and my assurance of eternal life.

I wrote about the shroud in my book, Sacred Strands, The Story of a Redeemer Woven Through History. You can purchase my book here.

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