Do you plant a garden in the Spring and neglect to weed and harvest it?

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If you tend to plant a garden in the spring and neglect to weed and harvest it, I have a solution for you. It is a rather unusual solution that has worked for me. The secret is to share with others, either free or for a small charge.

Sharing with others is a great way to motivate yourself. A simplified plan and good mulching helps also. See my plan at the facebook group “Grow and Share.”

For two years in the past I elicited several friends and neighbors for a small enterprise–similar to a CSA (community supported agriculture), only on a much smaller framework.  Each share owner paid a fee at the beginning of the season in exchange for whatever vegetables I had growing each week.

This year I put a sign at the end of our drive advertising vegetables on Saturday mornings from 10-12. My granddaughter likes to help me with the “stand.” I list on the sign some of the vegetables I have each week.

I have called this little enterprise “Grow and Share.” Check out the facebook group by that name and ask me for a copy of my sample planning guide.

I wrote a memoir of my life on a small homestead and called it Searching for the Sacred; My Life on a Homestead. You can buy it on Amazon here. 

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