Time to Plant Tomatoes. What Fun!

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If you have started your tomatoes from seed and tilled your garden for spring planting, then this is the easy part. If you haven’t started tomatoes from seed, you can buy plants at a local garden center; or even supermarkets carry them sometimes.

Dig a little hole with a trowel and place one plant in each hole, about 1-2 feet apart. Water each plant.

I am trying a new way to train my tomatoes, so they don’t just flop all over the place. A friend told me his method last fall and I have been eager to try it. I put garden posts about 4 feet apart and 18 inches wide. I crisscrossed some heavy bale rope from post to post. As the plants grow I will add more layers of bale rope and I will gently train the branches up and over the strings.

Make sure your stakes are strong because tomato plants can get very tall and heavy. You can also buy tomato cages to support them, but be sure to stake the tomato cages or the wind will blow them over.

Summer is almost here and that means fresh tomatoes!

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