A Mother’s Grief

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I felt like I had been transported back in time to the first century as our church on Good Friday sang the lamentations. I wanted to cry. The experience of the mother of Christ and Christ’s closest followers as they observed the crucifixion is brought to life in these lamentations. There are many verses but here is a sampling:

“In a grave they laid thee, O my Life and my Christ: And the armies of the angels were sore amazed, As they sang the praise of thy submissive love.

“I am rent with grief, And my heart with woe is crushed and broken, As I see them slay thee with doom unjust: So bewailing him his grieving Mother cried.

“Dirges at the tomb Goodly Joseph sings with Nicodemus, Bringing praise to Christ who by men was slain, And in song with them are joined the seraphim.

“O my Son, behold Thy well-loved disciple and thy Mother. And thy voice so sweet let us hear again; So with plenteous tears his maiden Mother cried.

“Women bringing spices Came with loving forethought, Thy due of myrrh to give thee.

“He that sold his Saviour, Sold himself as captive, That crafty traitor, Judas.

“Cries of woe the Maiden Wailed with fervent weeping: For grief her heart was piercing.

“Ev’ry generation To thy Grave comes bringing, Dear Christ, its dirge of praises.



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