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In my memoir Searching for the Sacred, My  Life on a Homestead, I frequently mentioned my love of gardening.

Now I am starting a facebook group, called Grow and Share, to meet with you gardeners and to share some of the ideas which have worked for me and you can do the same..

One of the things which has worked for me is a schedule I keep every year that notes what and when I plant. I put a sample on the Grow and Share facebook group. You can print off a copy for yourself and just note in the boxes the date you plant and you can write on the line the variety. If you are a beginner don’t think you have to grow all the vegetables I grow. Start with one or two vegetables for each of the 4 planting seasons I note on the chart. As the years pass you will be astounded at what an expert gardener you have become! One of my favorite gardening books is All New Square Foot Gardening  by Mel Bartholomew.

Gardening is a wonderful hobby. Just watching plants grow and develop connects you to nature in a healthy way. You get exercise and sunshine. Check out Grow and Share here.

You can buy my memoir, Searching for the Sacred, My Life on a Homestead  here.

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