It’s the time of year for kids!

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Goat kids, that is. Goats generally give birth once a year in the early spring. Often they have twins. We have two mother goats and one of them surprised us this past Sunday with her little baby kid. The other mother will probably have hers soon.

Goat kids are strong at birth and are standing up on their long wobbly legs, sometimes within minutes of birth. They immediately nuzzle the mother to find milk. Such an amazing instinct.

My husband and I and our grandchildren look forward to watching the frolicking play of the kids. They have so much energy and love to run and play and dodge each other. They climb on anything available and one time my husband saw one of our goats up on the seat of our tractor!

I have seen people build platforms with steps for their goats to play on and maybe some time we will build something for our goat kids to play on.


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