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I just finished reading through the Bible in a year. I think this might be the first time I actually completed a “Read through the Bible in a Year” program. I would always get sidetracked before I completed it. But this time I stuck with it. My oldest granddaughter told me about this program last January. I really liked the program because it was divided into 5 readings for each week, and instead of doing them one day at a time for 5 days each week, I read the entire 5 days scheduled readings on Saturday and Sunday.

I found it more interesting and understandable to read whole books or large parts of books at one sitting and it did not take long. It usually only took me an hour or two. I would read the Old Testament readings on Saturday and then the Psalms and New Testament readings on Sundays (or the following week if I didn’t find time on Sunday.)

This plan which you can download for free at https://fivedaybiblereading.com places the Bible readings in chronological order and this aids in understanding the Bible story. From Genesis through the prophets we have the story of the Israelites. Then the New Testament follows the story of Jesus Christ and the beginnings of the church.

The last readings were the book of Job, which I find fascinating. Job’s friends told Job he must be evil because he was suffering so much. Job protested that he had not sinned and was innocent and still suffering. At the end of the book, God says that Job is correct and his friends are wrong in thinking that only the ungodly suffer.

Download this program here and try it. I think you’ll like it.


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