Two Types of Doubt

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I have written a book, Sacred Strands, which shows predictions and foretellings of Christ from the beginning of history. I wonder why so many people in our world today have doubts about God and the Bible.

I heard Steve Brown, a radio evangelist, speaking this week on the disciple Thomas, called the doubter. Steve said there are two types of doubters. One kind has doubts about the Bible and doubts there is a God, but hopes there really isn’t a God because then “they can’t be God.”

The other type of doubter doubts if the Bible is true and if the God of the Bible exists, but hopes it is true. Steve said this may be the kind of doubter Thomas was. We can, like Thomas, “put our finger in the nail prints” by examining the burial garment of Christ, the Shroud of Turin.

Perhaps we doubt because our pride keeps us from understanding the tremendous gift that God through the Bible promises to all those who believe in Christ Jesus–that of eternal life.

It is well for all of us to fight against that number one sin of pride and to develop humility, the number one virtue.

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