Memoir is now available–Searching for the Sacred: My Life on a Homestead

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Several years ago I was impressed, after reading some old books, with the correlation between the symbolism used in Genesis to predict the coming Redeemer and the symbolism seen in the constellations and ancient myths. I am referring to the  seed of the woman bruising the head of the serpent while being bruised in the heel.

It seemed to me to be a remarkable “proof” of Christianity–the prediction of a
Redeemer from the beginning of history. I was also impressed  by the Shroud of Turin, the burial garment of Christ. We see the prediction of Christ in the Bible and in the stars and myths. Then we have a hands on proof of his resurrection in the image left on his burial shroud.

I decided to write a book on these remarkable predictions of Christ. I started with a very small book, Sacred Sky And How to Locate 24 Constellations, published in January 2018. Then I tried to write a more detailed book on this topic and the result was Sacred Strands, The Story of a Redeemer Woven Through History, soon to be published by Deep River Books. This publishing process takes a year, and while waiting I decided to write a memoir about my life and about my search for these sacred promises.  Searching for the Sacred: My Life on a Homestead  just became available last week and you can purchase it here.

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