I Think Tiny Houses are Fascinating

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I love tiny houses. A lot of people are fascinated by tiny houses. Why the interest? Is it because we Americans feel so burdened by all of our stuff? Is there a simpler way to live?

I wrote about building two tiny houses in my memoir, which should be published soon. My daughter told me one day I should build a tiny house and let her son learn some carpentry skills in the process. My husband actually worked in carpentry between college and law school and he is a good carpenter. I started looking on the web at all the tiny house designs which ordinary people like me were building. And I got hooked. My husband and grandson helped and we found it to be a fascinating project. Our two tiny houses were finished a couple years ago, but I still make repairs and add things from time to time.

This past week I replaced the RV toilet in one of my tiny houses with a  composting toilet. Composting toilets have improved in the past number of years and now have a modern toilet look and are odorless.

Recently one of my granddaughters had a sleepover in one of my tiny houses with two of her friends. One of the lofts was a cozy place for them to chat and sleep a little. She delighted in making pancakes in the morning for her friends using an electric skillet.

No, I have never lived in a tiny house but I think I could. I do like my two tiny houses and I love looking at the many lovely designs of tiny houses with their efficient layouts and furnishings.


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Arlene Geibe · October 4, 2019 at 11:08 pm

Im eager to read your books. I think you are fascinating! How you tackle such interesting projects n enlist others to join you!

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