Dancing from Darkness–An Award Winning Memoir

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This past week I read one of those books which you can’t stop reading after starting. The intriguing story pulls you in. This book, Dancing from Darkness, a Memoir by Eleanor Isaacson, won a Best Memoir of the Year from AWSA, Advanced Writers and Speakers Association. The intrigue begins as two-year-old American born Eleanor is abandoned in Nazi Germany and raised by an Aunt and Uncle until the age of 13. She describes the bombings, the sirens and bomb shelters and then later the starvation that followed with the kind of detail which makes one feel you are right there with her. She searched for God in her childhood, although no one in Germany at that time appeared to her to believe in God. Later when she came back to America, she again searched for God and she includes many Bible verses in her book.

I met Eleanor this past week before reading her book. and that made the book extra special for me. Eleanor is a vibrant eighty-five-year-old who lives in Lancaster County and gives speeches on her experiences. She is a member of Susquehanna Speakers Association. I have not heard her speak yet, but I plan to seek out a place where she is speaking.

You can purchase her book here.

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