Important Things

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     I try to write about “Important Things.” What are important things? They may vary from person to person and from time to time. Let me know what is important to you at any given time and I will try to find information on it and write on it.

     During the past couple years I have been writing books and I have finished my third book. What have I written about? Stars and constellations, sacred messages, homesteading, and gardening, and more.

     Join my blog and I will give you some pieces from my books and related ideas. My book Sacred Sky and How to Locate 24 Constellations is available now and my other two books, Sacred Sky and The Joy of a  Homestead will be available this fall. I will let you know when they are available.

    Why did I write these books? I have searched for answers to the big questions in life–Why are we here? and What is our purpose? and Is Christianity true? I found certain answers in some surprising places and wanted to share them with others. Join my blog and let me know your thoughts also. 

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